• Doc, come quick! (part 2)
    Doc, come quick! (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMDriving was out of the question, even if they could have found their car. Instead, Naish made his way back to Florida Avenue Read more
  • Doc, come quick!
    Doc, come quick!By Bill Stork, DVMOn any given day, “DOC, COME QUICK AS YOU CAN!” are not the first words you hope to hear. Especially shouted into an answering machine Read more
  • Every dog has his day (part 2)
    Every dog has his day (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMI have known some amazing intellects: Kishan Khemani, Dick Bass and Arlin Rodgers, to name a few. All have become productive Read more
  • Every dog has his day (part 1)
    Every dog has his dayBy Bill Stork, DVMThere once was a day when I nearly thought I was cool. It would fly in the face of my very nature to Read more
  • Family Tradition
    Family TraditionBy Bill Stork, DVMTraditions are like fingerprints: every family has their own. They are the twine that binds future generations to the elders. More traditions are focused on Christmas Read more
  • Dr. Bruce Brodie
    Dr. BrodieBy Bill Stork, DVMIn production animal agriculture there is a concept called the Welfare Plateau. It was set forth by a brilliant professor from the University of Illinois named Read more
  • BID (every 12 hours)
    BID (every 12 hours)By Bill Stork, DVM[Disclaimer: Some names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent. Some details have been made up entirely for entertainment. That said, Read more
  • Wide Awake and Feeling Mortal
    Wide Awake and Feeling MortalBy Bill Stork, DVMThe second sign came at one of my son’s Bantam hockey tournaments, when I found myself engaged in a spirited conversation about blues Read more
  • The Highland Hillbillies
    The Highland HillbilliesBy Bill Stork, DVMSomehow it would have been easier if Matt was at least hooked on "All in the Family", M*A*S*H and "The Jeffersons".As a young service professional, Read more
  • The Big Dig
    The Big DigBy Bill Stork, DVMWhen a concerned client bursts through the door of our Veterinary Hospital like Kramer on crack, I reach for my inner Steven Wright."Doc! It’s like Read more
  • When love comes to town, RIP Remix
    When love comes to town (RIP Remix)By Bill Stork, DVMKatie Gould quoted her father in his last moments, "To live in the hearts of those you leave behind, is not Read more
  • Dear Sarah
    Dear SarahBy Bill Stork, DVMFrom an online review:Not at all in Herriot's ShadowThis book was such a colossal disappointment that I didn't even finish it. The author doesn't write much Read more
  • Rocky VII
    Rocky VIIBy Bill Stork, DVM"And there’s nothing short a’ dying, that’s half as lonesome as the sound, of the sleeping city sidewalk…"I sat close enough to Kristofferson to count the Read more
  • The Oxford Comma (and other pertinent affairs of the heart)
    The Oxford Comma (and other pertinent affairs of the heart)By Bill Stork, DVMThroughout history journalists like Edgar R. Murrow, and in my time Walter Cronkite, were cultural icons. I had Read more
  • The "Fall Shuffle"
    The “Fall Shuffle”By Bill Stork, DVMBy way of the Inter-web, any forward-thinking man or woman can look up the crucial contents of an at-home or on-the-road emergency preparedness kit (EPK).My Read more
  • A Meditation on Gonadectomy
    A Meditation on GonadectomyBy Bill Stork, DVMAn extremely predictable confluence of events recently provided me with time to do some involuntary snow-shovel meditation.Mid-State Equipment in Watertown has custody of my Read more

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