Shy Dog


Is your dog nervous around new people, slow to adapt to new situations, or frightened of noises or objects?

Our Shy Dog class will help your dog build lasting confidence, teach you skills to continue your dog's learning beyond the class, and show you some "emergency response" techniques to get out of sticky situations while your dog is in training.

Location: Humane Society of Jefferson County

Class Length:  3-week series (About 1 hour lessons)

Class Size: 6 dog maximum


What’s the schedule for this class?

The Shy Dog series is currently on hold, and will be throughout 2022. If you need help with your Shy Dog, please contact Mittsy Voiles, our Behaviorist, to schedule an in-clinic or in-home consultation. To reach Mittsy, call the clinic at (920) 648-2421 or email us!


What will you and your dog learn in this class?

Shy Dog class will teach you and your dog several strategies on how to interact with your dog, introduce them to others, and make their lives less stressful. Class topics include:

  • Settling/handling
  • Greeting routine for anxious dogs
  • Stress signals
  • Find it
  • Touch
  • Come when called for anxious dogs
  • Confidence building techniques


What kind of dog is this class for?

Shy Dog is for dogs who are shy around humans and/or other animals. Please note that this class is not intended for dogs who are reactive/aggressive toward other dogs, on or off leash.

If your dog displays reactive/aggressive behavior towards other dogs, please call us at (920) 648-2421 for classes and other services available to treat leash reactivity and dog-to-dog aggression.


Are there any prerequisites for this class?

There are no prerequisite training classes for Shy Dog! 


How much does this class cost?

The price of Shy Dog is $75, which includes lessons, weekly take-home handouts, and valuable one-on-one time with our certified trainer and behaviorist who specializes in shy dog behavior.


Who teaches this class?

Our behavioral trainer Mittsy currently teaches Shy Dog. You can learn more about her certifications, experience, and more on our Meet the Trainers page!


Classes are filling up quickly, so be sure to enroll soon. If you have questions, call (920) 648-2421 or email us!

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