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We carry Fromm dog and cat foodsWe carry the Royal Canin line of veterinary prescription diets, as well.

Why Fromm? It's Wisconsin-based, and family-owned. This small company has never had a recall of any of its foods, and has been in operation since 1904. The diets are very high quality, prepared in small batches with no by-products, artificial flavors or colors. None of their foods contain corn or wheat.

For dogs:

Fromm has three lines of dog food: Classic, Gold, and Four-Star. We carry components from each of these three lines.

Fromm Classic offers simple, high quality Adult and Mature Adult dog food. The protein sources in this food are chicken and fish, and the grains are rice, barley and oatmeal.

Fromm Gold has 5 options: Adult, Large Breed Adult, Reduced Activity and Senior, Large Breed Puppy, and Puppy. These foods contain duck, chicken and lamb, as well as oatmeal, barley and brown rice. Fish oils and probiotics build a healthy coat and good digestion.

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals have a growing line of flavors and grain-free options. We will be carrying a variety of flavors, as well as several grain-free formulas, and limited-ingredient/novel protein formulas for dogs with food intolerance.

For cats:

We carry cat food from the Four-Star line.

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals have a growing line of flavors and grain-free options. We will be carrying a variety of flavors, as well as several grain-free formulas.

Food and supplements for a long, healthy life

We are proud to feature the latest in animal nutrition and supplements, and partner with Royal Canin, makers of prescription diets for cats and dogs, and Standard Process, makers of nutritional supplements and glandular medicines.

What's a healthy weight?

Generally, you should be able to feel, but not see, your pet's ribs when you pet him/her. You should be able to see a waistline when you look at your pet from above.

In addition to helping you pick the best food for your cat or dog, we can also help you figure out how much you should feed in order to maintain an ideal weight.

Are you storing your pet's dry food correctly?

How do you generally store your pet’s food? We recommend keeping it in its original bag, with the top rolled down and clipped shut, to keep air out. We also recommend setting the bag inside an airtight pet food storage bin, for extra protection against light, air, insects, rodents and grain mites.

Unsealed food gets stale in a few days

Have you ever eaten potato chips or crackers from a bag that was left open overnight? Many people store pet food in open bags or containers that are exposed to air. This allows the food to quickly become stale, losing valuable nutrient and moisture content. It also makes the food taste stale to the pet, and can cause picky pets to skip meals.

Rancid fats can cause diarrhea

Pet food is often coated with protective fats, which are beneficial to your pet when the food is fresh. Pet food bags are generally designed to preserve the food, including the fats. If you pour food out of the bag, into a container, the fats accumulate on the sides of the container. Over time, the fats can become rancid and can contaminate the next bag of fresh food you pour into the container. Rancid fats can cause pets to develop diarrhea.

Grain mites can make your pet itchy

Grain mites can invade food in open containers, or leftover kibble from previous bags sitting in the bottom of the bin. Invisible without a microscope, these mites can cause an allergic response in some dogs and cats.

In the event of a pet food recall, you need the original bag

Pet food recalls happen a few times a year. In order to determine if your pet’s food is part of a contaminated batch, you need to compare the information on the bag with the recall information provided by the manufacturer.

You are what you eat! So is your pet. Protect your pet’s food supply to save money on food and veterinary care, and to keep your pet safe.

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