• Holly
    HollyBy Bill Stork, DVMThe ad read: “Two-doctor, mixed-animal veterinary practice in the bucolic hamlet of Lake Mills, seeks a Hospital Manager.”"Our staff is dedicated, motivated and compassionate beyond all else. Read more
  • The Unstoppable Judy B
    The Unstoppable Judy B By Bill Stork, DVM She could have been admitted through emergency at San Diego General. Dean Care would have covered without question. Her niece, Hannah, would ensure she Read more
  • Team Stork
    Team StorkBy Bill Stork, DVMMy daughter Paige recently asked, “What are we doing on September 15?”The Madison edition of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s was taking place, and she thought Read more
  • Mrs. Haynes
    Mrs. HaynesBy Bill Stork, DVMMrs. Haynes lived across Nickey Avenue from our family. I only knew her as a widow, smartly dressed and made up, whether she was mowing grass, Read more
  • Hail the workin' man (and woman)
    Hail the workin' man (and woman)By Bill Stork, DVMThere were three deep potholes on East Grant Street. Monday through Friday, near 5pm, the overload springs on a 1975 ¾-ton Ford Read more
  • When in Roam...
    When in Roam…By Bill Stork, DVMFind yourself wedged under a Brush Hog that successfully located the long-lost sewer cover, overgrown by burdock and thistle, and Gary Edmonds is the friend Read more
  • The Polar Embrace
    The “Polar Embrace”, or "Nine Below Zero" progress reportBy Bill Stork, DVMMichael Perry is known for his surgical sense of humor. His novel, “Visiting Tom”, made it to number 21 Read more
  • Prius Pete
    Prius PeteBy Bill Stork, DVMThree generations of flat-land farmers at the stump of my family tree and 22 years in service of Wisconsin dairy farmers have often rendered me enraptured Read more
  • Private Gillespie
    Private GillespieBy Bill Stork, DVMLiving among future engineers and doctors for eight years of college, the son of a construction worker and a stay-at-home mom can only absorb so much Read more
  • A Boy Named Sue (part 1)
    A boy named SueBy Bill Stork, DVMCounty T north of Waterloo, Wisconsin is straight as a runway at O’Hare. There were 2500 fire numbers between the intersection of County I Read more
  • Rambo (part 2 of 2)
    Rambo (part 2 of 2)By Bill Stork, DVM“Well I suppose,” I stammered. “When are you thinking…” as I heard a gate agent make the last call for boarding.“Actually, Mr. Bill, Read more
  • Rambo (part 1 of 2)
    RamboBy Bill Stork, DVMWe were recently approached by a retired social worker who spent a career's worth of compassion in the service of people in need. Motivated to redirect her Read more
  • OLF
    My dad just turned 80 years old this summer. In 64 years he's never driven or owned a new automobile. He changes the oil no less frequently than 1500 miles, and Read more
  • The book is out!
    "In Herriot's Shadow" (the book) is now available!Stop into the clinic, or order online from Read more
  • And There Is Your Dagger
    With my clean Left hand between palpating cows at the Griswold Farm, I retrieved a text message from Ryan Haack; Nothing feels more like a "win" than getting your hay baled Read more
  • Doc, come quick! (part 3)
    Doc, come quick! (part 3)By Bill Stork, DVMSo, we have a legendary ability to fall asleep, and an established history when that sleep is broken. Let us travel 250 miles Read more

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