Mindful Presence With Your Pup





Thursday, March 28, 2024

6:00 - 8:00 pm

The Fharmacy
203 N Main St, Lake Mills, WI

People Only

Dogs can read emotions and sense our thoughts so easily. Of course! They are our closest companion and as such, know us better than we will admit to ourselves. It’s important to our relationship that we are able to find a peaceful and present mindset as we guide and nurture them through their lives.

During our time together, learn the neurobiological and emotional ways the mindfulness connection with our dogs can help support them, and us too. We will take a look at how our nervous system actually communicates with those around us, most times without us even knowing it. We will discuss different ways you can regulate these systems to move you and your dog from fight, flight, freeze, closer to calm, open, and learning states of mind.

Find out why and how it is best to stay in the present moment. What’s a vagal brake? We’ll talk about that. Center and ground… important concepts to learn for a mindful lifestyle. Leave your yesterdays and tomorrows at the door and join me in the present moment for a relaxing and enlightening experience.

Important Details: This event is for people only. There is no cost, but donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue providing these free community events. Attendees must RSVP online.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kathy Wolff, CCDT, CCUI, FDM

Kathy has been guiding dogs and their guardians for over 10 years. She graduated from CATCH Canine Trainers academy with her professional training certification. Kathy is a Level 2 Animal Reiki Practitioner, Let Animals Lead Method® a Dog Bite Prevention Educator, and an End of Life and Grief Doula for companion animals.

As a Holistic Dog Trainer and a certified Family Dog Mediator, (Applied Ethology L.E.G.S. Method), Kathy's focus is helping human/canine teams build a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. By learning what the dog needs to feel safe, how their lifestyle and learning history affects them, and what instinctual traits their genetics brings to the equation, Kathy creates life skills for both the guardian and the dog that best addresses the goals of both. She continues to expand her education about the Mind/Body connection, Canine Trauma Awareness, and the support of intra-species relationships.

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