Caring For Your Aging Pet


Caring For Your Aging Pet


Things change for pets as they age. Vision and hearing loss can make cats and dogs more easily startled. Joint soreness can reduce your dog’s interest in walks, or your cat’s ability to get downstairs to a basement litter box. Dental pain can interfere with eating. Memory and cognition can become scattered. All of these things usually happen gradually, but then can create sudden issues for your ability to care for your pets. What if your blind dog suddenly growls or snaps? What if your cat refuses to eat?

Join veterinarians and staff of the Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic to learn how to detect subtle signs of aging in your pets, and how to help cats and dogs live comfortable, enriching lives, as they head into their golden years.

We’ll talk about signs and symptoms, simple adjustments you can make at home, and how to tell if you have an urgent situation on your hands.

Tuesday, October 15, 2024
6:30 - 8:30 pm
The Fharmacy, Lake Mills

- This event is for people only.
- Attendees must RSVP on our event sign up form.

Dr. Bill Stork, DVM at Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic. Learn more about Dr. Stork on the Meet Our Doctors page.

Established in 2012, Pet Partners Community Education is a community education program hosted by the Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic in collaboration with local businesses and organizations. We're proud to be partnered with The Hub and Tyranena Brewing Company

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