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Our commitment to your pet's wellness

Our clinic is dedicated to wellness - the pursuit of optimal health, an interactive process of compassionate medical care, balanced nutrition, and attention to emotional needs.

What is Wellness?

Wellness begins with prevention and treatment of illness and continues on to encompass a lifetime of healthy lifestyles and behaviors.  (That's true for people as well as their animal companions, by the way!)

Wellness for your pet begins with check-ups, vaccines and preventive measures, and includes all the factors that lead to optimum pet health - nutrition, activities, and behavior modification that enables your pet to live it's life to the fullest and become a more positive part of your family environment.

To accomplish this we offer wellness plans for both dogs and cats that are focused on detecting and preventing illness and maintaining your companion animal's wellness at the highest possible level.

Veterinary medicine & animal care are very dynamic, and as a result, we are always trying to ensure that we are offering the best care possible.  Our knowledge of vaccines and their administration changes constantly as does the prevalence of diseases and their prevention.  In addition, the products that we have available to prevent fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites are advancing all the time.

For middle aged animals we seek to detect disease sooner so we can treat and manage them much more effectively.  We regularly see young and middle aged animals who are sick.  They are not eating, less active, losing weight, vomiting or lame, or even behaving in an unusual manner.  Often we diagnose these animals with disease processes that are advanced and difficult to treat.  If detected early, many illnesses can be managed with medication or diet and significantly extend the length and quality of life for your pet.

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