• Alice's Restaurant
    Alice’s RestaurantBy Bill Stork, DVMThe day-to-day of a country vet consists in no small part of driving in circles. There will be flash frustration and teeth gnashing, but it is Read more
  • Blood red, pasty white and screaming the blues
    Blood red, pasty white and screaming the bluesBy Bill Stork, DVMAs the sun began to sink into the western haze early in the evening of our nation’s 220th birthday, Butch Read more
  • Uncle Con
    Uncle ConBy Bill Stork, DVMEarly April 1936, well before first light, Frank sat motionless, in thought. A shadow on the dusty floor from a single naked bulb, enveloped by last Read more
  • Ol, Silver Anniversary Edition
    Olé,  Silver Anniversary EditionBy Bill Stork, DVMSome lessons should last a lifetime. You may recall that while still in school doing a midnight calf check, I was distracted by a Read more
  • Under pressure. Or not. (part 2)
    Under pressure. Or not. (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMI made subtle adjustments to free the tip of the needle from the wall of the vein. Again, not a drop. The Read more
  • A Fair Legacy
    A Fair LegacyBy Bill Stork, DVMAlongside rolling rural roads, you have surely noticed the square blue yard signs with white block letters that say "Fair."Look closely, and you may see Read more
  • The Boutros Brothers
    By Bill Stork, DVMI was recently asked to speak to Mrs. Haviland's Health Professions class at Lake Mills High School. Sue and her miniature dachshund, Ilse, are among our favorite people and Read more
  • Hedley Rides Again
    By Bill Stork, DVM You may recall my friend Bruiser, the God-fearing guitarslinger from Champaign, Illinois, his venerable collie Hedley and theiradventures during a sabbatical in Austin. For those Read more
  • Pumpkin, part 1
    By Bill Stork, DVM Twenty-oneyears ago, I graduated from the University of Illinois College ofVeterinary Medicine. In the process of considering jobs at clinicsin most Big Ten states I met a lot Read more
  • According to Ryan
    In a recent visit to the Haack farm, Ryan commented, "you know, if I'm not completely exhausted when I go to bed, I just don't feel as if I got Read more
  • Keep your eye on the ball, part 2
    By Bill Stork, DVM Soccermay be the "Beautiful Game," and horse racing the "Sport ofKings," but baseball is much more than "America's Pastime." It hasbeen called sport's greatest metaphor for life. The Read more
  • Dr. Ryan
    By Bill Stork, DVM I'mworking on a theory that if you dig a little, most people are prettyamazing. Inthe University of Illinois class of 1992, we had Joe Whalen, Read more
  • Keep your eye on the ball, part 1
    By Bill Stork, DVM Ina recent appearance at Stoughton Opera House, Michael Perry opened bythanking the standing room only audience: "Youhave just braved a blizzard and paid Read more
  • Under pressure. Or not. (part 1)
    Under pressure. Or not. (part 1)By Bill Stork, DVMOn May 15, 1992, I graduated from the University of Illinois – College of Veterinary Medicine. Seeking dairy cows, hills and freedom Read more
  • Pumpkin, part 2
    By Bill Stork, DVM Asif it were the gold standard in feline diagnostics,I flicked Pumpkin's paralumbar fossa firmly with my middlefinger. The fur was so tight she thumped like an over-ripe Georgiawatermelon. Food Read more
  • The Wave
    The WaveBy Bill Stork, DVMBy 1982 my dream of becoming a veterinarian was in overdrive. A misnomer, there was not so much as a pond in sight from Lakeview High School. Read more

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