Meet Our Staff

  • Sheila Mathwig
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Sheila Mathwig has lived in the Lake Mills area her entire life.  In fact, she grew up on the family dairy farm that is still operating today.  After graduating from MATC in Madison and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1990, she worked in production medicine for two years.  She is happy to have worked for Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic since 1991.

    After more than two decades, Sheila has handled just about every conceivable situation, and answered any question imaginable, but she is always up for a new challenge.

    As our head technician, Sheila also keeps track of supplies and equipment, from the surgical monitors that keep your dog safe under anesthesia, to the cotton balls we use to clean your cat's ears. Around the clinic, Sheila is affectionately referred to as 'The Voice of Reason'.

    Outside the clinic, Sheila works with cattle, tends her garden, plays with her farm cats, and shares her wicked sense of humor with family and friends.

    'I look forward to meeting you and working with your animal friends.'

  • Mittsy Voiles

    Mittsy has offered dog and puppy training classes at the clinic since 2007, and was hired as a behavior specialist in 2008. Her role is to make sure patients (and clients) have positive, low-stress visits to our clinic.

    She is skilled in cooperative care for patients, and teaches dogs and cats how to participate in their care. She loves working with staff to devise creative new ways to support our clients and patients in having the best experience with veterinary care.

    She is passionate about shelter medicine, having worked in animal shelters since 1998, including as Animal Care Manager at Elmbrook Humane Society in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

    As founder and director of Good dog!, Queensland, Australia, 2003-2007, Mittsy developed and taught classes for puppies and adult dogs, focused on understanding behavior, preventing problems such as aggression and fearfulness, and providing proper care for the lifetime of the dog.

    Her specialty is canine behavior, but her training has been across many species, including cats, ferrets, chinchillas, and zoo residents including bats, parrots, wombats, chimpanzees, baboons and dingoes.

    Besides Australia, her travels have taken her to Iceland, New Zealand, Germany, England, Wales, Dubai, Canada, and all 50 U.S. States. Outside work, you can find her at one of Jefferson County's amazing parks.

  • Kelly Smart
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    In 2010, Kelly interned with us while in school for her Associate degree, and we hired her soon after as a Veterinary Assistant. After a brief move to Alabama, where she worked as a CVT in a local veterinary clinic, Kelly missed sub-zero temperatures and decided to move home to Wisconsin. We were thrilled to welcome her back, as a newly-seasoned CVT, in 2012.

    Originally from Oconomowoc, Kelly has been working in animal shelters and veterinary clinics for over eight years. While most of her work has been with cats and dogs, she is also comfortable with birds, rabbits and pocket pets.

    Kelly loves helping animals and seeing how happy and grateful their owners are. She is a proficient multi-tasker, and from the lobby to the laboratory, is quick to recognize where she is needed most in the building. She is always excited to meet new patients, and likes learning about unique and unusual cat and dog breeds.

    Don't fence her in! Outside work, you can find Kelly running, biking, kayaking, playing volleyball, tennis, or pretty much anything outdoors. She shares her home with two bob-tailed cats, Ava and Shira.

  • Danielle Bartz
    Office Manager, Veterinary Assistant, and Trainer

    Danielle has been teaching classes as part of our behavior team since 2014. We're excited to announce that she became part of our veterinary clinic staff in October 2016, and is now our Office Manager.

  • Becky Emmer
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Becky first started with our clinic as a kennel attendant while in high school, but soon wowed us with her dedication and skills as she progressed through her Veterinary Technician program. More information coming soon.

  • Elisha Vandewalle
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Not many people can claim to have been born in a barn, but Elisha was born in one during a snowstorm in Martinsville, Wisconsin.

    Elisha's keen awareness of animals began as a child caring for goats, chickens, and horses with attitude. Due to her tendency to drop everything for those in need, she has adopted the pets of many friends and family members when circumstances no longer allowed for their proper care.

    After having pursued several careers, she decided to complete a program at a Madison college to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Elisha has been a member of the Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic family since 2016, and we're grateful that she chose us.

    Helping those in need is central to who Elisha is, whether that's her neighbors or animals in the clinic. We've all directly experienced her limitless capacity for compassion and empathy - staff, clients, and patients.

    When she is not working or helping her children navigate adulthood, Elisha can be found camping across Wisconsin with friends, or spending quality time with her dog, Bella.

  • Abbey Jaeckel

    Abbey became one of our talented front desk team in 2019. She's been working in the veterinary field for over ten years, and has brought her diverse skills to us!

    You'll probably know Abbey as one of our friendly Receptionists, but she is also an event coordinator extraordinaire. She loves initiating and organizing our clinic's participation in holiday parades, benefit events, and workshops in our Pet Partners Community Education series. Abbey is excited to continue to work to engage the community with our veterinary practice.

    Abbey is Pet CPR certified, and has channeled her passion for this into one of our popular community education workshops, 'Stop, Drop, and Roll(over)!' Pet CPR and Fire Safety. She and CeCe Jaeckel, CVT, coordinate with the local volunteer Fire Department to conduct a free session each year.

    At home, she loves spending time with her family, especially her little boy, Everest. They share their lives with three dogs: Koda, Steel, and Titan, and also 6 beef cows: Bella, Nala, Jasmine, Tootsie, Blue Moon, and Daisy. (The cows do not live indoors.)

    If you have a really big dog, expect Abbey to hurry away from her desk to come say hello - the bigger, the better!

  • Krista Crossman

    Krista joined Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic in fall of 2021 and dove in with both feet. As a Receptionist for Deer Grove Veterinary Clinic for nine years, she was a skilled asset to our team!

    Krista loves watching the puppies and kittens grow up, and she works hard to make sure sick and injured pets get in to see us as quickly as we can.

    Managing a busy schedule isn't just a work task for Krista. When she's not wrangling our clinic schedule into submission, or cheerfully greeting clients, she loves spending time with her two little boys and her husband, and working on the family farm and vineyard.

    They share their home with two Boxers, Lani and Milly, and two cats, Andre (Maine Coon) and Lemi (Siamese), and are constantly accompanied on the property by a slew of sweet and silly barn cats.

  • Ceanna (CeCe) Jaeckel
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    CeCe has spent her life caring for animals, and chose to continue this path with our clinic in October 2022.

    From her beloved llamas, and cats and dogs she grew up with, to a summer internship at the Humane Society of Jefferson County, and three years at Whitewater Veterinary Hospital, CeCe has built a variety of skills.

    As a CVT, CeCe assists with surgeries, including monitoring anesthesia, performs dental cleanings, coordinates patient appointments and wellness care, and is a skilled laboratory technician. She's amazingly organized, and usually has what you need, before you know you need it!

    She applies her knowledge of low-stress handling with every patient, helping those who don't have a voice. She loves and cares for each pet who walks through the door.

    CeCe loves to see puppies and kittens grow with their families, and looks forward to many years of caring for each one. She also understands how important it is for her to help ease the pain as pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.

    Outside her work here, CeCe works at a llama farm, and shows llamas. She loves to read and play with her cats: Palatoe, Patch, Pixie, and Oscar, and her dog, Radar.

  • Courtney Homer
    Veterinary Assistant

    Courtney came on board in June 2021, as a veterinary assistant and a student in a Certified Veterinary Technician program. She has been training with our clinic as part of her education.

    Courtney has been a certified groomer since January 2020, and plans to finish her CVT and continue her education in holistic veterinary care.

    She loves watching all of the pets and owners grow and learn during their time in our care. During her time with us, she has also implemented a number of behavioral handling techniques to help her own dogs get more comfortable with veterinary care, and is excited to watch this process for others.

    Outside work hours, you can find Courtney spending time with her family and pets. She has four large dogs: Roonie, Nalah, Karma, and Mila - all with exciting personalities.

    And, if she seems kind of a strong, silent type, well, she's been a member of the Air National Guard for the past 14 years.

  • Claire Hoffman
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Claire joined us in May 2022 and is happy to be a part of the LMVC family!

    Claire graduated with an Associates degree from Madison College and obtained her Veterinary Technician license in 2021. During her time in college, Claire built her skills and experience in a specialty, emergency, and intensive care veterinary hospital. We think that's where Claire also honed her boundless energy and endless enthusiasm!

    In her free time, Claire enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing video games, and watching movies. Claire shares her home with 3-year-old cat Junebug, and Siamese kitten Yoshi, Junebug's nemesis.

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