Pick Your Poison





Thursday, April 11, 2024

6:00 - 8:00 pm

The Fharmacy Public House
203 N Main St, Lake Mills, WI

People Only

Should you induce vomiting if your dog eats Tylenol? What will happen if your cat munches on a lily? Join Kelly Smart, CVT at Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic, for a fun and informative session of Pick Your Poison!

We’ll cover exposure to: human medications, plants and plant parts, common human foods that are toxic to cats and dogs, and chemicals such as rat poison and fertilizer.

You’ll learn about the most serious, and most likely, poisons and toxins for your pets to be exposed to, and what to do about it. This workshop could be the most important information you learn all year!

Important Details: This event is for people only. There is no cost, but donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue providing these free community events. Attendees must RSVP online.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kelly Smart, Certified Veterinary Technician at Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic

In 2010, Kelly interned with Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic while in school for her Associate degree, and was hired soon after as a Veterinary Assistant. After a brief move to Alabama, where she worked as a CVT in a local veterinary clinic, Kelly missed sub-zero temperatures and decided to move home to Wisconsin. The clinic was thrilled to welcome her back, as a newly-seasoned CVT, in 2012.

Originally from Oconomowoc, Kelly has been working in animal shelters and veterinary clinics for over eight years. While most of her work has been with cats and dogs, she is also comfortable with birds, rabbits and pocket pets.

Kelly loves helping animals and seeing how happy and grateful their owners are. She is a proficient multi-tasker, and from the lobby to the laboratory, is quick to recognize where she is needed most in the building. She is always excited to meet new patients, and likes learning about unique and unusual cat and dog breeds.

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