• Hedley Rides Again
    By Bill Stork, DVM You may recall my friend Bruiser, the God-fearing guitarslinger from Champaign, Illinois, his venerable collie Hedley and theiradventures during a sabbatical in Austin. For those Read more
  • Ol, Silver Anniversary Edition
    Olé,  Silver Anniversary EditionBy Bill Stork, DVMSome lessons should last a lifetime. You may recall that while still in school doing a midnight calf check, I was distracted by a Read more
  • Pumpkin, part 1
    By Bill Stork, DVM Twenty-oneyears ago, I graduated from the University of Illinois College ofVeterinary Medicine. In the process of considering jobs at clinicsin most Big Ten states I met a lot Read more
  • Under pressure. Or not. (part 1)
    Under pressure. Or not. (part 1)By Bill Stork, DVMOn May 15, 1992, I graduated from the University of Illinois – College of Veterinary Medicine. Seeking dairy cows, hills and freedom Read more
  • Blood red, pasty white and screaming the blues
    Blood red, pasty white and screaming the bluesBy Bill Stork, DVMAs the sun began to sink into the western haze early in the evening of our nation’s 220th birthday, Butch Read more
  • The Wave
    The WaveBy Bill Stork, DVMBy 1982 my dream of becoming a veterinarian was in overdrive. A misnomer, there was not so much as a pond in sight from Lakeview High School. Read more
  • A Tail of Destruction
    A Tail of DestructionBy Bill Stork, DVMMargie was 23 pounds of tongue, tail and adorable. She had been with her family for two weeks, had not had an accident in Read more
  • Mary Christmas, part 1
    Mary Christmas, part 1By Bill Stork, DVMShe thumped her tail twice, in response to the click of the catch as the storm door settled shut behind us. Through the screen Read more
  • Miles and miles of Texas
    Miles and Miles of TexasBy Bill Stork, DVMOnly a few minutes ago, the forest floors and roadsides of Wisconsin exploded with the colors and perfume of spring wildflowers. Yet, in Read more
  • FDNY, part 1
    FDNY, part 1 By Bill Stork, DVM Whether you are Jed Hirschi herding 400 head of beef cattle across 90,000 acres of Wyoming on a Quarter Horse named Torque, or Ellen Messmer Read more
  • Sneezing Cows
    Sneezing Cows By Bill Stork, DVM Happy New Year, and welcome to 2014. At some point back in October this rank-amateur piece of small town pop psychological feel-good rambling commemorated its third year. By Read more
  • Mary Christmas, part 2
    Mary Christmas, part 2By Bill Stork, DVMOn impact, 125 grams of lead, traveling 1500ft per second, ripped a two-inch gash through two sides of the steel cap… of his concrete Read more
  • Q
    QBy Bill Stork, DVMTom excused himself to deliver a Natural Light to the gentleman curiously sporting a navy blue blazer and wingtips, playing machines in the corner. Eight notes from Read more
  • Giving Thanks
    Giving ThanksBy Bill Stork, DVMAbove my desk hangs a plaque:“I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, Read more
  • FDNY, part 2
    FDNY (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMAsk any country vet. They’ll tell you the pager never sounds when you are sitting in your coveralls and boots, sipping coffee with your truck Read more
  • Nine below Zero
    Nine below ZeroBy Bill Stork, DVMAin’t this a pity people, ain’t this a cryin shame,Well it’s nine below zero, she put me down for another man         - Mckinley Morganfield… aka Muddy Read more

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