Food, toys and other pet supplies

We’ve got the goods!

Only a few of our retail products are displayed in our waiting area.

Did you know that we carry a range of food?
  • High quality cat and dog food from Fromm, a Wisconsin company
  • Prescription diets from Royal Canin Innovative Veterinary Diet for pets with diabetes, liver and kidney problems, urinary tract issues, and other medical conditions
  • A variety of options for pets with food and environmental allergies

…treats and chews?
  • Fromm treats, and freeze-dried liver, beef, and turkey treats from Glenn's Market in Watertown, Wisconsin
  • OraVet dental chews for dogs, and Tartar chews for dogs and cats

…training aids?
  • Head collars like Gentle Leader and Haltie, and EasyWalk Harnesses, to gently retrain leash pulling
  • (we can apply) Soft Paws for cats, to prevent destructive scratching
  • Dog Appeasing Pheromone (Adaptil) and Feliway sprays and diffusers, to calm anxious dogs and cats
  • Books and information sheets on a variety of training and behavior topics for dogs and cats

…grooming aids?
  • Nail trimmers
  • Furminator grooming tool for dogs and cats
  • Ear cleaners
  • Shampoos for a variety of coat types
  • Dental supplies including toothpaste and brushes

…toys and other pet care supplies?
  • Kong toys for dogs
  • Interactive toys for cats
  • Catnip
  • Nutritional supplements for preventive and maintenance care
  • Pill pocket treats for giving pills to clever pets
  • Lupine collars and leashes, guaranteed for life (even if chewed)
  • Anti-Icky-Poo stain and odor remover

For pricing or information about specific products, please call 920-648-2421 or stop by the clinic. Our stock changes regularly, so please call ahead if you are planning to purchase a specific item.

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