911 or No Big Deal?





Tuesday, May 28, 2024

6:30 - 8:30 pm

The Fharmacy Public House
203 N Main St, Lake Mills, WI

People Only

Emergency, urgency, or house-cleaning challenge? How do you answer the age-old question: "Do I need to go to the vet?"

Veterinarian, Dr. Bill Stork, will help you decipher your common signs & symptoms to help you decide if you should: 1) go to the nearest animal hospital, 2) call/visit the vet, or 3) keep a close eye on your pet for now.

This is a great workshop for any pet owner (dog, cat, etc.) looking to expand their knowledge on pet first-aid and general understanding of pet health, injuries, and emergencies.

Important Details: This event is for people only. There is no cost, but donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue providing these free community events. Attendees must RSVP online.

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Bill Stork, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic

A 1992 graduate of the University of Illinois, Dr. Stork, a cradle flatlander moved to Lake Mills and fell in love with Wisconsin. The Midwestern work ethic, friendly people and rolling countryside suited his blue collar upbringing perfectly.

In practice, Dr. Stork divides his time between the country and the clinic. A confessed fan of James Herriot, he embraces all creatures great and small. He is equally comfortable trimming teeth on tiny guinea pigs, diagnosing dermatology issues in dogs, discussing cat litterbox issues, or repairing a displaced abomasum in a 2000-pound cow.

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