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Information for Returning Clients

Thank you for returning to our clinic!  If you have new contact information or pet details for us, click here to download the form and save some time at your next appointment.

We look forward to seeing you again and we want to make your next visit as positive as possible for you and your pet.  Your satisfaction, and helping your pet achieve the highest degree of wellness possible, are our goal.

To help with your next visit:
Please note that our clinic no longer uses a traditional "waiting room." Lobby areas often increase patient (and owner) stress, with dogs barking or lunging at each other or at cats, so we carefully control pet traffic in and out of our building to prevent this.

To help us with this, please plan to call from the parking lot before coming into the building if you have a pet with you. If you don't have a phone, please leave your pet in your vehicle and come inside to check in. Thanks!

You may be requested to bring in a fresh fecal (stool) sample.  You should collect this no more 8 hours before your visit.  Samples should be about the size of a golf ball and free of yard waste or other contaminants.  You can collect the sample by turning a small plastic bag inside out and using it as a 'glove' to collect the fresh specimen.  Samples which have been frozen or otherwise exposed to extreme temperatures will not be viable.

Please understand that we can not prescribe for or provide diagnoses over the phone for animals that our doctors have not seen.

For your safety, and your pet's safety, we ask that all cats arrive in carriers and all dogs arrive on leash. If your dog is wearing a shock collar, please remove it before coming into the clinic, and leave the collar and any remote controls in your vehicle. If your dog is wearing a prong collar, please flip it inside-out for the visit. These devices create additional stress and anxiety for pets, and can interfere with veterinary care.

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