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We just completed a comprehensive remodel of our building, adding exam rooms, expanding our space for surgery and laboratory work, creating an outdoor exam room, and generally updating our space. We're really excited about how this enhances our capacity for care!

First, thank you if you came for appointments in the midst of our construction period. We really appreciate your patience as we worked out of temporary spaces and cobbled things together as best we could.

We're sure you're excited to see our new digs, and we're excited to show you.

We eliminated the waiting room with the remodel, because waiting rooms often serve as areas where dogs bark and lunge at each other, and cats feel very stressed in their carriers as people and animals go past them.

If you don't have any pets with you, please just walk on in.

If you have a pet with you, please call 920.648.2421 on arrival to check in. We'll need your name and what vehicle you're in. Once checked in, you can get your dog out to potty if needed, while you wait. We'll get an exam room set up for you, and come out to escort you and your pet(s) inside. Easy-peasy!

If you forgot your phone, please leave your pet in the car and come inside to check in. 

Questions? Please call us, or email [email protected].

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to create a veterinary clinic space that matches our expertise in low stress veterinary care.

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