Puppy Party


Puppy Party is not being offered in 2022

Do you want your puppy to grow into a dog who is confident and friendly around other dogs? Of course you do!

Puppies have what is known as a critical or sensitive phase for social development that occurs roughly from age 3 to 14 weeks. During this time, your puppy should meet as many people and dogs in a POSITIVE manner as possible.

Facilitating positive experiences with dogs during their critical development phase will teach your puppy that dogs outside their pack are not scary and can be fun!

Puppy Party is a safe and fun,  trainer- and puppy-parent-supervised play session that allows your puppy to learn the proper way to play and interact with other puppies.

Location: Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic

Session Length:  30 minutes per session

Class Size: 7 dog maximum


When are these sessions held?

Puppy Party is not being offered in 2022, due to demand for other classes. Apologies for any inconvenience/sad puppies!

Registration is not required, but it does guarantee a spot for you! Call (920) 648-2421, complete the online registration form, or email us!



What kind of dog are these sessions for?

Puppy Party is for puppies aged 8 weeks through 18 weeks.

All puppies must show proof of being up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations, unless currently enrolled in our Puppy Preschool. (Generally, this means the canine distemper-parvovirus vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, and rabies if your puppy is old enough.)


What should you bring?

Each puppy needs to come equipped with a 6ft leash, and a flat collar or harness (no choke chains – including cloth ones, shock collars, prong or pinch collars). You’ll need lots of tiny, yummy treats.


How much do these sessions cost?

Puppy Party is $5 per puppy, per session.


Registration is not required, but it does guarantee a spot for you! Call (920) 648-2421 or email us!

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