Separation Anxiety





Thursday, March 14, 2024

6:00 - 8:00 pm

The Fharmacy Public House
203 N Main St, Lake Mills, WI

People Only

The pandemic created a whole new world for a lot of dogs. Lots of people got a new dog. Many people started working from home part or all of the time. Some people lost their jobs. Some families moved to a new home. All of these changes can affect how dogs feel about the safety of their home environment, and how comfortable they are being alone.

Does your dog pace when you start getting ready to leave? Has she remodeled your house while you were gone?

Separation anxiety is a common phrase used to describe dog behavior when left alone, but it might surprise you to learn that not all destructive behavior falls into this category. Maybe your dog is displaying of separation anxiety, or is it simply boredom? Knowing the difference is critical, because fixing the problem depends on understanding the cause.

In this session we'll talk about what separation anxiety is... and is not. We'll also discuss ways to help dogs who are having trouble being left alone, whatever the cause.

Important Details: This event is for people only. There is no cost, but donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue providing these free community events. Attendees must RSVP online.

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Meet Your Instructor

Khris Erickson, CPDT, Separation Anxiety Expert

Khris is a separation anxiety expert, and has been working in dog behavior and education for over 20 years. Learn more on her website,

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